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MBR is the latest, most advanced and globally acclaimed waste water treatment technology. In this technology, the foot print of the system is significantly reduced and the quality of the effluent is far better than all other processes. The quantity of sludge generated in MBRs is only 1/4th of the conventional systems on account of better bacterial digestion.

MBRs produce superior quality effluent by using a combination of low-pressure UF membranes and a suspended growth biological reactor. With absolute and nominal pore sizes of 0.04 and 0.10 microns respectively, these MBRs ensure a virtually particulate-free effluent.

These UF membranes replace the solid separation function of secondary clarifier and the polishing function of the granular activated carbon that are found in conventional treatment plants. By eliminating the need for sludge settling, MBRs can operate at very high MLSS (Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids) concentrations in the range of 10,000 to 14,000 mg/litre which is three to five times greater than conventional plants resulting in more compact (lesser footprint) units.

This enhanced biomass concentration in the membrane bio-reactor process allows for very effective removal of both soluble and particulate bio-degradable materials at higher loading rates. The increased sludge retention time (SRT) ensures complete nitrification even under extreme cold weather operating conditions.

Benefits of Bio Flocs:

  • Better COD/BOD reduction compared to ASP, MBBR, FAB and others
  • Lower sludge production
  • Higher nutrient removal compared to conventional process
  • Lower footprint
  • Better treated water quality

Application of Bio Flocs:

  • Sewage Treatment
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Drinking water treatment plants
  • Compact sewage treatment plants
  • Food industries

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