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Scaling & it’s Effects

Fresh water source like river, borewell always have calcium and magnesium ions which precipitate on the surface of pipes and other articles carrying water over a course of time. This deposition is called scaling,this deposition reduces life of articles, sanitary faucets, increase heat losses, reduces pumping efficiency and even cause failure of these fittings.Reverse Osmosis which is the choice of technology for reducing TDS of water also suffers from scaling issues. Extensive softening and chemical addition (anti scalent) are added to control scaling in membranes which only adds to the cost of water treatment.Traditionally chemical based softening is employed to deal with water hardness, but this process is cumbersome in small scale and at large scale can lead to huge amount of water and chemical wastage.

Effects of Scaling:
• Forms a hard layer of salts on the inner side of the pipes
• Reduces the efficiency of Boilers & Heaters
• Fabric washed with hard water make them rough and stiff
• It forms a thin film over showers, bathtubs,swimming pools, faucets reduces the life of the same
• More soap usage
• Damages hair and make them dull and sticky

What is ScaleSOFT ?

There are several new water conditioning systems on the market designed to deal with the age-old problem of scale formation in pipes and appliances . Many earlier alternative “softening” systems relied on magnets and a variety of electrical devices to rearrange the molecular structure of the water’s hardness (calcium & magnesium) ions.ScaleSOFT is the newest alternative softening device that works differently. Unlike other conventional water softener, ScaleSOFT use a treatment medium contained in a standard mineral tank. Water is passed through the granular medium inside the tank and treated.Flowever, they do not need to be regenerated with salt and they do not need to connected to a drain. They require no sophisticated electronic control system. They are, therefore, much easier to install and set up. No maintenance, electricity, or salt is needed.

How Scalesoft Works?

ScaleSOFT is a technological breakthrough in area of water conditioning uses a phenomenon called FORM CRYSTILLIZATION” to change the nature of scale forming calcium and magnesium.ScaleSOFT media consist of numerous nucleation sites on which calcium and magnesium crystals are formed. Once the ions grows in size they detach from the surface of media and remain in free form in water.ScaleSOFT arrest the scaling property of Calcium and Magnesium salts, so once the water passes through the ScaleSOFT media, it loses the tendency to scale.

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