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Fluidized Bed Bio Reactor (FBBR) 2017-08-08T10:03:15+00:00

FBBR is also known as Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR) and Dynamic Bio-Bed Reactor (DBBR).

The FBBR also utilizes a similar media based aeration. In FBBR, custom-designed media in the shape of small cylindrical wheels is used. The density of the media is maintained in a manner where it remains floating at all times and easily moves around within the aeration tank. The small size of the media and its random movement within the tank provides better sludge dispersion and enhances the bio-degradation rate of organics present. FBBR reduces the hydraulic retention time, can handle higher BOD loads and tolerates fluctuations in inlet BOD and COD load.

FBBR media is manufactured of rigid and high quality UV stabilized polypropylene thus giving the media high strength and good durability. Air dispersion is carried out by providing twin lobe type air blowers to maintain the required flow of air through special piped air grids.

FBBR technology helps in reducing the plant footprint, civil works and hydraulic retention time by over 50%. The quality of treated sewage is significantly better than the activated sludge process.

FBBR Design Advantages:

  • Cost effective across a variety of contaminants treated
  • High-quality effluent produced from a small footprint
  • Capable of handling both hydraulic and organic shock loads